Care Report: Vows of Poverty

Care (10/2015)
Report on the 26 countries where child marriage eclipses secondary school enrollment.

12 Women: A pact for protection

Appeared on Mumbai Mirror (10/9/2015)
Twelve Indian women are working together to battle child marriage, trafficking, and a high school dropout rate in their community.

Educating girls can help break the cycle of child marriage

Appeared on South China Morning Post (10/8/2015)
Editorial on how increasing access to education helps to break cycle of child marriage around the world.

Student addresses Kenyan women’s struggle with vaginal fistulas from child marriage, mutilation, rape
Appeared on Fox News (10/7/2015)
Discussion on vaginal fistulas as a result of trauma stemming from child marriage (prolonged labor, inadequate care during the birthing process, rape, and genital mutilation).

The Syrian war is forcing girls in Jordanian refugee camps to become child brides

Appeared on Quartz (10/7/2015)
Discussion on how the Syrian war and humanitarian/natural emergencies are a possible cause for the increase in child marriages among refugee populations.

SADC Parliament Forum move to end child marriage

Appeared on the Nyasa Times (10/6/2015)
Article discussing the call to end child marriage in sub-Saharan countries at the 37th Plenary Assembly of the SADC Parliamentary Forum in Cape Town.

Tanzania: New Approach is Needed to Fight Child Marriage

Appeared on All Africa (10/3/2015)
Article detailing the specific causes and outcomes of child marriage in Tanzania as well as possible solutions that are not currently being undertaken.

Child marriage “shatters” the future of girls, communities

Appeared on United Nations Population Fund Website (10/2/2015)
Article by UNFPA about the discussion had on a panel on ending child marriage in Africa held September 30 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Haunting Photos Show Child Widows in Nepal

Appeared on Refinery29 (10/2/2015)
Photographer Poulomi Basu documents child widows in Nepal who are regarded as bad omens and ostracized from the community.

Why Yemen is incapable of banning child marriage and rape

Appeared on First to Know (10/2/2015)
Short documentary detailing the experiences of two Yemeni girls forced to marry early.

JAG to Rosmah: Don’t downplay child marriage stats

Appeared on Free Malaysia Today (10/2/2015)
The Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG a coalition of women’s rights groups) say child marriages are still prevalent in Malaysia and Rosmah Mansor’s earlier statement that they are a rare occurrence is false.

Closing ‘vast’ gender gap, ending child marriage key priorities, Ghanaian President tells UN

Appeared on UN News Centre (9/30/2015)
During his address to the United Nations General Assembly, Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama highlighted the importance of gender equality, specifically ending child marriage.

Disasters lead to ‘dramatic’ increase in child marriages: campaign group

Appeared on Reuters (9/30/2015)
Natural and humanitarian disasters lead to a dramatic increase in child marriage, especially for families on the brink of extreme poverty.

Strength to say no: A girl’s fight against child marriage

Appeared on Hindustan Times (9/30/2015)
Rekha Kalindi details her experience as a potential child bride in India at the age of 11 in her memoir, “Strength to Say No.”

Child Brides Photo Series Proves Girls Are Simply ‘Too Young To Wed’

Appeared on Huffington Post (9/22/2015)
Photographer Stephanie Sinclair’s photo series ‘Too Young to Wed’ follows girls around the world, documenting the effects of child marriage.

When Education Doesn’t Prevent Child Marriage

Appeared on The Daily Beast (9/22/2015)
Editorial detailing how a decrease in the quality of education, when provided free in Malawi, does not lead to gains in ending child marriage as expected.

Pope Francis Should Help to End Child Marriage

Appeared on Huffington Post (9/21/2015)
Editorial on how Pope Francis could help work to end child marriage- a position in line with others on sex trafficking and forms of slavery that the Pope has previously stated his strong opposition to.

How Goats and School Supplies Aid the Fight Against Child Marriage

Appeared on Good Magazine (9/18/2015)
Detailed editorial on the Population Council’s study analyzing the success of a variety of interventions aimed at ending child marriage in African regions.

Child Brides in Bangladesh: ‘The dreams I had as a young girl are impossible now’

Appeared on The Guardian (9/15/2015)
Article detailing the personal and national outcomes of child marriage in Bangladesh.

The loss of childhood: Most Bangladeshi girls are forced to marry before they turn 18

Appeared on Mashable (8/29/2015)
Photojournalism story of Runa, 13 year old Bangladeshi girl forced to marry.

An inside look at child marriage in Bangladesh

Appeared on AOL (8/24/2015)
Photojournalism story following 3 Bangladeshi girls as they marry with broader national statistics on child marriage in Bangladesh.