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Vows of Poverty

This report lists the 26 countries in the world where girls are more likely to be forced into marriage before age 18 than to enroll in secondary school. The report also delves into underlying causes of child marriage, barriers to education and promising solutions. The report’s call to action is a letter to Michelle Obama thanking her for advocating for an end to child marriage as part of the Let Girls Learn initiative but now asking her to support a strong interagency U.S. government Adolescent Girl Strategy.

Child, Early and Forced Marriage and the Control of Sexuality and Reproduction

Many programs that seek to end child, early, and forced marriage (CEFM) fail to address one of the key drivers behind the practice: control of girls’ sexuality and reproductive lives. This brief explains the social and cultural beliefs that contribute to parents’ and families’ decisions to marry their girls off as children, and provides examples of programs and policies that address sexuality to end CEFM.






Forward UK
No girl should be a child bride”: Taking Action to End Child Marriage in Lay Amachiho District, Amhara Region, Ethiopia
report on early marriage, featuring key findings from their research in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia